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Inpatient Treatment

At CADE we consider patients as people who require, in an environment of respect and warmth, to be accompanied therapeutically through the course of their treatment. Therefore, CADE offers comfortable and safe facilities where psychological, physical and occupational activities are carried out to promote the patient´s integral well-being and that contribute to the treatment indicated by his or her psychotherapist or responsible psychiatrist.

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CADE offers inpatient services mainly to people who:

  • suffer from eating disorders and have stopped eating food almost completely or cannot stop practicing compensatory behaviors.
  • present with suicidal ideation or have attempted suicide and are at risk of putting their life in further danger.

How is the decision made to enter into an inpatient program?

a) The psychotherapist or psychiatrist responsible for the patient indicates it necessary
b) According to the results obtained from the assessment of the CADE multidisciplinary team
c) When the relatives of the patient request it

The services we offer in the inpatient program are:

  1. Medical, nursing, psychological and psychiatric care 24 hours a day, which allows us to give constant attention to all our patients as well as an emotional accompaniment throughout the day.
  2. Nutritional Care, which consists of a nutritional consultation that will allow the preparation of a specific and special diet that contributes to the improvement of the patient.
  3. Dining Service, where the diets or menus prepared by the nutritionist will be served, based on balanced dishes that contribute to the general well-being of the patient.
  4. Lodging, in either individual or shared rooms, to be determined by the psychotherapist or psychiatrist and/or as indicated by the evaluation done in CADE.
  5. Workshops and psychoeducational activities, that serve to provide comprehensive care to the patient. CADE offers a series of complementary activities that aim to contribute to the treatment indicated by the psychotherapist or responsible psychiatrist.

We offer:

A.- Psychological support activities

  • Group psychotherapies
  • Psychoeducational workshops
  • Tutorial
  • Individual psychotherapy (additional cost)

B.- Self-improvement activities

  • Workshops on interpersonal skills, intrapersonal skills and professional skills.

C.- Expression activities

  • Written expression workshop
  • Plastics expression workshop
  • Crafts workshop
  • Reading workshop

D.- Relaxation activities

  • Relaxation exercises
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We invite you to take an online test appropriate to the symptoms you are experiencing.


Contracted Mental Health Professionals, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Medical Physicians, Nurses, and Nutritionists are all here to support your treatment.


This is an innovative treatment of neuropsychiatry, which is based on generating non-invasive neuronal stimulation that allows for an increase in neural connections, helping patients to improve at a quicker rate.


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